Celebrations of Life



Celebrating authentic love includes acknowledging, embracing and being comfortable with the many milestones of life experience. This includes taking the time to get comfortable with the process of physical death, dying, loss and letting go.

While most focus their attention and energy on living a good life, very little concern, care or discussion takes place regarding death and dying. That is until we come face to face with a loved one’s death, or we are confronted with our own time to end our current life journey. Sometimes sudden, others because of a terminal illness, or once we enter into old age, death is inevitable for all of us.

Death is mostly a taboo subject shrouded in fear and bewilderment because the process over the last 60 years has been removed from the traditional home and transferred to the institutionalized white walls of hospitals, hospices or old age homes. However, death and dying are natural and beautiful processes that we all can plan for, and experience, in a dignified and graceful manner. 

Knowing that a gap exists in our society for knowledge, awareness and acceptance of the death process, including what occurs physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, Andria creates space and opens death positive conversations so that we can explore, discuss and contemplate the process of physical death. Demystifying the process, putting fear in its place and embracing what has the potential to be a wonderful and peaceful transition, she brings lighthearted gentleness and a touch of humor to the exploration of death.

``Authentic love can illuminate light in the darkness, create hope when there is despair, and turn doubt into unwavering faith.`` -Andria

Death Doula

The term Death Doula/End of Life Doula can be viewed in the alternate context of a birth doula. For birthing a baby into the world, a guide/teacher/wisdom keeper supports the mother and baby in the birth process removing fear, uncertainty and unknowing regarding what can potentially be expected.

Conversely, a Death Doula/End of Life Doula holds similar attributes as a guide/teacher/wisdom keeper and supports those preparing to crossover in dealing with unfinished business, letting go of attachments, processing emotions and shifting focus from external concerns, to moving inwards and making peace with their earth exit.

As a Death Doula, Andria educates, advocates and supports friends and their families as they prepare to transition from this life to the next, experiencing the process of physical death, dying to what was, loss of what could have been and gently accepting the end of their current physical earth life cycle.

Andria’s role may include consultation for planning before, during and after passage. Working with a friend’s care team of dedicated individuals, she prepares and holds sacred space while officiating living memorial, funeral or celebration of life rituals.

Soul Companion

Considered a Soul Companion, Andria bears witness to a friend’s crossing and allows for whatever needs to be experienced to manifest in miraculous ways. Working closely with those facing death and the families of those who are left to grieve, Andria demystifies the process giving guidance, understanding and comfort to those who are facing physical death.

Preparing the mental, emotional and spiritual readiness of a friend’s body to release the soul and allow it to cross over, Andria practices soul midwifery working with the unseen realms creating sacred space and mindful ritual to pave the way for a gentle, easy and graceful transition. 

Practicing soul midwifery takes place at an energetic level and therefore goes beyond what the mind can grasp. At the deepest place of knowing, the soul can communicate what it needs to those who are able to receive messages from the unseen realm. Leaving earthly concerns behind and celebrating the return to the other side, Andria intuites and listens to the needs of the soul at an energetic level offering spiritual and emotional support in a friend’s final moments on earth.

Ensuring that her friend’s wishes and desires are adhered to above all else, she does all that she can so that friends can find peace of presence and die with dignity. At the end of physical life joy, peace and calm can be experienced knowing that loose ends are tied, earth work is complete, and that love is what is present as the last breath is taken and one returns home.

Funeral Celebrant

Andria is an Interfaith Metaphysical Minister and can therefore facilitate the inclusive spiritual needs of those aligned with different religious, spiritual and cultural traditions. Taking into consideration a friend’s personal beliefs, understanding and awareness of different traditions, Andria honours all paths to the Divine as sacred and therefore respects a friend’s unique spiritual path.

As one moves closer to their last breath, questions of faith come into a friend’s consciousness and conversation, contemplation and meditation can be explored openly with Andria as a guide. Prayer, song, ritual, quiet and stillness can all be included in a friend’s time with Andria.

Through conversation, a friend’s final wishes for their funeral, memorial or celebration of life, can be discussed, planned for, and implemented with a friend’s specific desires adhered to. Creating meaning and memories for those in attendance to experience the best of their friends’ life, living legacies and sacred ritual allow space and time to honor their loved one.

Green Burial at Royal Oak

Service Fees

Initial 30 minute consultations are free and are hosted by zoom. Service fees vary, taking into account the scope, timing and location of a friend’s needs and wants, and are offered at a base rate of $89 per hour with an optional sliding scale. Gifting time to a friend is done with their permission and needs to be mutually agreed upon.

Funerals and Celebrations of Life start at $395, with the inclusion of 2 zoom meetings and unlimited email contact. Travel fees outside of Greater Victoria are additional and will be discussed at our first meeting with full transparency.

Focusing on the soul stuff that matters, Andria is a friend to lean on during the chaos and the calm. Opening conversation is the first step.

Friendly and Respectful Disclaimer

As a Death Doula I refrain from offering medical or legal advice. All decisions are yours to make, and my role is to offer support to ensure your desires and preferences are adhered to. I work in tandem with your care team and hold you as a friend and/or your representatives, responsible for actions regarding end of life choices. Personal preferences aside, my support is emotional and spiritual in nature, and guidance offered is thus kept to within the limits of this realm.

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