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The Great Awakening

It is evident to anyone on earth that we are as a collective experiencing great change on the planet. The last few years have pushed humanity to a state of uncomfortableness that defies rationality, surpasses common sense and strips away normalcy. And so one has to ask themselves, “Is it possible to comprehend the shift that is taking place on individual and collective levels?” YES!

Humanity is ending a 26,000 year cycle of growth, development and learning and is in the process of shifting from a limited 3D perspective of reality to an expansive 5D reality. This means that living from ego and its desire for power, control and domination is crumbling as consciousness shifts away from survival, lack and limitations. We are collectively moving away from the daily grind, division, separation, fear and narrow mindedness.

However, this shift entails an extreme letting go of what was, hence the chaos, confusion and misinformation that those who have had power for eons are attempting to perpetuate with their suppressive ways of controlling. The old guard is hanging on for dear life and throwing tantrums of gigantic proportion, as those currently in positions of power know that their time is up, making way for a new way of being to birth itself.

This new, more expansive, higher vibrational way of being, doing, and living is what we as a collective have to look forward to. In 5D reality, the focus is on sharing, caring and supporting people and the planet. Living from the heart we embrace the unity, oneness and interconnectedness of all life, and thus, focus on peace, balance and love. A gentleness to our existence and a more harmonious day to day experience with feelings full of abundance, prosperity and flow will become the new norm. Our decisions will be based on the needs of the many, our actions will be centered on long term sustainability, and our thoughts will be focused on love.

This new reality or what has also been called new earth, is the way of the present and we, each and every one of us, plays a role in manifesting the new earth game. In every moment we can choose to focus our attention on what isn’t working, fear and lack, or we can shift our focus to celebrate joy, be in gratitude, share laughter and give love. This path towards the new earth takes positive intention, consistent effort and unwavering faith.

Thus, with this expanded awareness, Andria desires to be part of the change, connect with those of like mind and create a community of like minded heart centered individuals. If you are aware, awake and spiritually inclined, then Andria would love to connect. Together we can manifest heaven on earth, remembering that we come from Source and are interconnected with all life and live lives of passion, purpose and peace.

Choosing to focus on authentic love, one immediately creates more authentic love. Therefore, it is imperative to become mindful of our thoughts and create the habit of being, doing, and having from a place of authentic love. -Andria

Inspiration & Insight

Birthing A New Paradigm with Andria Winters

November 8, 2020

Join Andria for a lively conversation with Maureen Fontaine on the podcast Science and the Mystical. “By birthing a new paradigm and waking up to the truth, we can consciously choose to move through life as part of the solution, engage as positive change makers, and assist humanity in transitioning through its consciousness upgrade.``

Radical Reset

November 8, 2020

Join Andria for a lively presentation titled RADICAL RESET: How to Thrive During the Great Awakening! Offered during the 2020 Intuitive Arts Festival (, she shares an overview of what is currently happening on the planet from a broader perspective. She also includes numerous tools, tips, and techniques of support and guidance to allow you to now only survive, but to thrive during the current planetary shift in consciousness.

Moon Over Avalon

May 20, 2024

Moon Over Avalon is the inspiration behind my ministry. Feeling a deep connection to the myths and legends of Avalon, I am drawn towards all things medieval, magical and mystical.

Metaphysics Defined

August 24, 2020

Metaphysics is the science of the unseen. It is the study of theology, philosophy, psychology and other -ologies, all approached from a spiritual standpoint.

What is Interfaith?

August 24, 2020

In looking at the lessons of the master teachers, one comprehends that all taught the same primary message, namely, let love lead the way.

One Love, One Voice

August 24, 2020

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

Enjoy Bob Marleys ‘One Love’ and feel the inspiration of ‘One Voice, One Heart’. More on my blog.

Let's Connect

Falling into authentic love with the Oneness of All, including oneself, is remembering who and what we are. It is in remembering that we create lives of meaning, purpose and passion.

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